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Queer geek. Artist. Trekkie. Sci fi lover. Horror obsessed. I'm not a Vulcan professionally, but I do compete on a minor league level.

    Well after all, we’ll lie another day
    And through it all, we’ll find some other way

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    "… The support generated in favor of William Masters for shooting two Mexican American teenagers engaged in spray painting is striking when compared to the condemnation of the Singapore government in response to its decision to cane Michael Fay, a non-Latino White teenager who was caught spray painting cars in Singapore less than a year earlier. In 1994, Fay pleaded guilty to two counts of mischief, admitting that he and other spray painted eighteen cars, threw eggs at other cars, and switched license plates on other cars.

    A Singapore judge sentenced Fay to four months in prisons, a $2,230 fine, and six lashes with a rattan cane. The outrage in America was immediate. Describing her son as “a typical teenager,” Fay’s mother appealed to U.S. government officials to intervene and insist on clemency for her son, explaining, “Caning is not something the American public would want an American to go through. It’s barbaric.” U.S. Embassy officials and members of the American chamber of Commerce responded by condemning the severity of the sentence. Even President Bill Clinton asked the Singapore government to reconsider the sentence.

    When a White American shoots two Mexican Americans for spray painting columns supporting a freeway, killing one of the youths, he is called a crime-fighting hero. When a foreign government canes a White American youth for spray painting and egging cars, that punishment is denounced as inhumane and cruel."
    Cynthia Lee, “Race and Self Defense
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