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Queer geek. Artist. Trekkie. Sci fi lover. Horror obsessed. I'm not a Vulcan professionally, but I do compete on a minor league level.


    I went to Awescome Con today. Ran into some friends. From now on, comfy sneakers. I don’t care if it throws off a costume. Boots or heels? Never again. I had so many Trekkies give me the hand sign and go “Live Long and Prosper.” I still can’t do it. Someone suggested training my fingers by putting rubber bands on them.

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    New York Governor: Stop the CUNY Tuition Hikes NOW! →







    We have been organizing students and community members to stop the impending $300 tuition hike next year. Sign our petition to stop the CUNY tuition hikes NOW!

    Whereas, we the undersigned, concerned students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members want to STOP CUNY Tuition Hikes NOW;

    Whereas, Governor Cuomo maintains that he will NOT raise taxes on the rich, yet continues to raise CUNY and SUNY tuition;

    Therefore, we demand:

    1.      That there be a STOP to CUNY tuition hikes NOW! In 2011, New YorkState passed a “rational tuition policy” called NYSUNY 2020 that allowed an increase in CUNY and SUNY tuition by $300 each year for the next five years, lasting through the 2015-2016 school year. We say NO to any form of tuition increase!

    2.      That CUNY fulfill its original mission and provide free and quality education to all students. CUNY was once free, for more than 120 years, until 1976, when the majority of incoming students were people of color.  Since then, tuition has become so expensive that many immigrants, poor and working class people in general, and especially people of color, are unable to afford CUNY. Education should be a right for all, not a privilege for a few!

    3.      That there be Popular Control of the CUNY Board of Trustees, in which the board represent and advance the interests of those who most depend on CUNY.  We want the majority of the Board to be selected by CUNY students with the other members selected by faculty, staff, alumni, and community members!




    boost - there are *so* many similarities with what’s happening to education in the uk

    41 notes and 39 signatures? na yo, i know ya’ll can do better than that!!! get them fingers clickin and signin!!!

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    Baby Squid Photography by Jeannot Kuenzel - Malta
    All rights reserved by Jeannot Kuenzel
    sharing enabled / downloading enabled
    Posted on Flickr March 29 and 31, 2014

    top image
    EGGS of Loligo vulgaris: the European squid, a large squid belonging to the family Loliginidae.

    bottom image

    Two stages of the development of a [European squid] are visible in the picture. These eggs are about 3mm in diameter; when the little squid inside has used up all the nutrients (all the yolk that is attached to it), it plops its suckers to the inside of the diaphragm and releases enzymes that will aid opening the shell, pushing through the opening - and a tiny new ALIEN of the DEEP is born :]

    Notice the CHROMATOPHORES already embedded in its skin and the tiny little SIPHON… BTW, the SQUID on the left is actually laying on its back…

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    itsbeenveryuseful replied to your post “I have achieved drunkenness. Or buzzed-ness. I’m not off my face but I…”

    I should catch up.

    Chyeah. Come on, I’m close to unlocking the drunk achievement. After I get drunk properly I’m gonna peace out though.

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    I’m so tempted to make a video right now. Dunno if I’m gonna do it for the Vine.

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